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Before introduction 22 November 2017 Onwards
£200,000.00 £1,500.00 £0.00
£300,000.00 £5,000.00 £0.00
£400,000.00 £10,000.00 £5,000.00
£500,000.00 £15,000.00 £10,000.00
Above £500,000.00 SDLT due is unchanged on purchases above £500,000.00

In order to be eligible for the relief, buyers will have to meet the definition of a first-time buyer. HM Treasury have confirmed that a first-time buyer will be someone “who has never owned freehold or leasehold interest in a dwelling before and who is purchasing their only or main residence. Residential property anywhere in the world is counted when determining whether someone is a first-time buyer. Where there are joint purchasers, all purchasers would need to be first-time buyers”.

From the guidance currently given, the relief would still apply where a person’s spouse or civil partner owns a property, but the buyer does not – provided their spouse or civil partner keeps their name off the title of the property. This is in stark contrast to the provisions surrounding the 3% SDLT surcharge on the purchase of additional properties, where your spouse or civil partner is treated as a joint purchaser when buying the property for SDLT reasons, even if they are not going on the title.

Please note that you will not be eligible for the relief if you have owned any property at any time anywhere in the world.