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Peter Brown & Co are acting on behalf of clients who have exchanged contracts to purchase a site which is part of a much larger regeneration area.

Our clients have worked with their “joint venture” investment partners and neighbouring owners on the master plan for two years which has now been superseded by an adopted supplementary planning document.  Our clients are working up to an application which could provide over four hundred (400) units together with additional commercial, all on the site that is being acquired.  The full planning application will be submitted in the next few months.

Going forward there will need to be land-swap arrangements with neighbouring owners, a communal land trust or similar arrangement for public and communal spaces to include a park, an energy centre, co-operation agreements, other infrastructure and planning obligations.

Peter Brown has commented that; “This is a complex and challenging transaction, which makes it all the more satisfying to know that it is heading towards a highly successful conclusion”.