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New Barnet, EN5 1QJ

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20th January 2022

Station Road,

New Barnet, EN5 1QJ

020 8447 3277

Our Community

Formed in 1991 we have been based in New Barnet since 2006.   People are the heart of any business, not just clients and staff, but the community we work in.

It is not possible to support every charitable organisation out there, much as we would like to, but we do support some very worthwhile charities on a regular basis.

Two charities very close to our heart are:-

Persona Doll Training (PDT) which was founded by Peter Brown’s late mother, Babette Brown. She worked tirelessly on anti-racism education within the UK and beyond. Our Peter Brown is a long-standing trustee. PDT became a registered UK charity in 2003 to promote equality, inclusion and diversity through developing anti-discriminatory practice in education, providing training and support to teachers and education professionals.

Children have already learnt attitudes of prejudice at an early age towards skin colour, language and accent based on what they hear from others around their communities and the media. Parents and other family members may be hostile towards those who are different to themselves and their community whether this is because of skin colour, lifestyles, culture or traditions. Racism and hate crime as a result of this is prevalent: such attitudes are deeply engrained.  It is this that Persona Doll Training’s work seeks to address.  By helping children to celebrate diversity, be inclusive and understand what inclusion means and empowering them to stand up for others and for equality, the Persona Doll approach offers an effective, non-threatening and enjoyable way to combat discrimination.

The pandemic in 2020-21 has meant that the charity’s training takes place online. This is highly effective and accessible with low fees. This means that the training sessions do not raise enough money to cover costs, hence the need for donations.

’45 Aid Society.

The Boys are a group of 732 orphan child survivors of the Nazi Concentration Camps who were brought to Britain after liberation in 1945. The 45 Aid Society was established in 1963 by The Boys to raise money for charitable causes to give back to Society and to look after each other.  They forged a life long bond as members of an extraordinary extended family. Today The 45 Aid Society raises funds to support holocaust education, children’s charities and to support survivors.

Our senior partner, John Dresner’s father was one of The Boys and this important holocaust awareness and education charity is very  important to us.

We regularly support our local Chipping Barnet food bank, a Trussell Trust organisation set up to help people break free from poverty by providing additional support to help people resolve the crises they’re facing.

We regularly support MacMillan Cancer  and host a coffee morning every year.   We have raised money regularly over the years.

This year we are delighted that we have been able to support the Kids Cancer Charity  which is a national charity that was set up in 1989 to support children with cancer and their families.