Why should I make a Will?

  1. The most important reason to make a Will is to ensure what you want to happen with your Money & Property (your “Estate”) actually happens. If you do NOT make a Will your Estate may not go to the people that you wish.
  2. When you die your affairs will be so much simpler for your family to deal with if you have made a Will.

Why use a solicitor to make your Will?

Although there are various methods of preparing your own Will, such as on line, there is a serious risk that it may not be valid if all the rules on Wills and the signing of Wills are not followed correctly. Should this happen your family will have serious problems.

At Peter Brown  we pride ourselves on our expertise in advising you on how to achieve what you wish to happen, and to guide you on all the various issues you need to consider when preparing your Will.

The cost of having your Will professionally prepared is very small compared with the potential costs of sorting out a person’s affairs where a Will has been badly or invalidly prepared.