Estimated Fee Quotation for a Freehold Sale/Purchase Transaction

Price Sale Purchase
Up to £500,000.00 £1150.00 plus VAT £1250.00 plus VAT
£500,000.00 to £750,000.00 £1250.00 plus VAT £1450.00 plus VAT
£750,000.00 to £1m £1395.00 plus VAT £1695.00 plus VAT
£1m to £1.5m £1500.00 plus VAT £1750.00 plus VAT
£1.5m to £2m £1950.00 plus VAT £2200.00 plus VAT
£2m + From £2995.00 plus VAT From £3500.00 plus VAT

Additional Professional Fees

Bank Transfer Fee                                                       £35.00 plus VAT per transfer

Anti-Money Laundering Check                                 £20.00 plus VAT per search

Stamp Duty Land Tax Return (purchase only)      £55.00 plus VAT

Acting for any lender fee from                                   £295.00 plus VAT


As part of the conveyancing process, fees are payable to third parties in relation to Conveyancing Searches, obtaining Land Registry Documents, Land Registry Application Fees, and Stamp Duty Land Tax.

The cost of each disbursement will differ from transaction-to-transaction, but please see the following links for further information: –

**Please note that the fees listed above are intended as guide only. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific transaction, needs and requirements, and provide you with a fully bespoke quotation**