Our Fees Include

  1. Investigating title, reviewing property information forms and supporting documents provided by the Seller or Seller’s Solicitors.
  2. Undertaking appropriate searches, including local water and environmental searches
  3. Negotiating and agreeing the Contract and Transfer Deed with Solicitors.
  4. Acting for your mortgage Lender and complying with their requirements.
  5. Reporting to you on title Contract searches and replies to inquiries.
  6. Dealing with enquiries and requisitions.
  7. Exchanging Contracts.
  8. Dealing with pre-completion searches and requisitions and arranging for execution of completion documents.

If purchasing:

  1. Filing Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Return online on your behalf and paying the SDLT due on the transaction.
  2. Registering your ownership of the property at the Land Registry.
  3. Sending to you or your mortgage Lender the title deeds.


In our experience these types of transactions can take anything from 4 weeks to 3 months to complete.  Estimated times frames run from when we receive your instructions to proceed and are our best estimates only as there are many aspects of this matter over which we have little or no control, such as the other sides position. Remember if you are in a chain of transactions everybody goes at the rate of the slowest person.

Complexities Which Could Increase Our Charges

It is important for you to appreciate that the costs information provided is based on a number of key assumptions, including those we set out below.  If any of key assumptions are incorrect or change over time, we will provide you with revised costs estimate.

  1. The title of the property is registered at the Land Registry free of defect under a single title and is not unregistered.
  2. There will be a single contract and a single transfer in relation to the title.
  3. The title is registered in the name of the seller named in the contract.
  4. The purchase will be on the basis of an unconditional contract. This means that there are no conditions that need to be satisfied before completion such as certain works or the grant of a planning permission for example.
  5. The parties work to the timescales agreed.
  6. You will provide us with all necessary documents.
  7. Funding for completion is arranged.
  8. There will be only one mortgage on the property and this will complete at the same time as your purchase and will are instructed to act for the Mortgagee.
  9. No consents are required for the purchase.
  10. You are making your own arrangements for any appropriate survey of the property and you are happy with the physical condition of the property.
  11. Completion takes place on the date agreed in the contract.

The following will also make the transaction more complex and increase our charges.

  1. If you require completion within 7 days of exchange.
  2. Dealing with the Lender’s requirements if the transaction is partly funded from gifts.
  3. If the Lender instructs separate solicitors
  4. In leasehold cases, the purchase or sale of a share of the freehold.
  5. Transactions involving new build or recently built properties.
  6. Problems arising from missing deeds or documents or from the title requiring additional documentation or indemnity insurance rectification or amendment to the title.
  7. If the property is leasehold, variation or extension of the Lease or any consent to the assignment of the lease or preparing/reviewing any deed of covenant.
  8. If you are using Help to Buy schemes
  9. Acting for a Company as Buyer or Seller.

Our Fees do NOT Include

To help avoid any misunderstanding, we bring to your attention the fact that our charges do not include dealing with any of the following:-

  1. Advice on SDLT planning, IHT, CGT, ATED or other tax issues.
  2. Valuation or property agency advice.
  3. Advice on the condition of the property or problems arising from survey.
  4. Advice on environmental issues.
  5. If the property is leasehold, variation or extension of the lease or any consent to the assignment of the lease or preparing/reviewing any deed of covenant.
  6. Negotiating or re-negotiating heads of term or the deal generally.
  7. Disputes arising on or after completion.
  8. The suitability of your mortgage or any other financial arrangements. We will not review or advise upon any financial arrangements, financial documents or financial covenants.